Quad Cities Learning - Quad City Press
Quad Cities' Learning, Inc. is an independent publisher, focusing on E-books, but also publishing traditional books in a variety of genres. Our last two offerings were Laughing through Life, a book of humorous essays,  and The Christmas Cats in Silly Hats, a full-color illustrated children's book.

The latest offering from Quad Cities' Learning, which does business as Quad City Press, is the YA thriller Red Is For Rage, which was released in mid-January and is the second book in the Color Of Evil trilogy that will explore the world of Tad McGreevy as he seeks to come to grips with the paranormal ability he possesses.

For additional reviews by William F. Nolan and Jonathan Maberry, be sure to check this $2.99 offering out on Amazon.com, where it is exclusively available, and stay tuned for the next book to follow.